The Free Market Monument Foundation

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

-- Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) German-American Nobel Laureate Physicist

The United States of America has stood as a monument and a testament to the strength of the Principles of the Free Market for over 200 years!

Those free market principles, however, are rapidly being abandoned for the sake of political expediency.

Government bailouts for failed big business do not improve or save the free market, they only delay the free market correcting itself. Unprofitable and poorly run businesses must be allowed to fail.

Government takeovers, stimulus packages and corrupt bankruptcy settlements are destroying or undermining the very foundations of our free market economy.

We may face a day, in the not so distant future, when the principles that built our great nation are no longer protected or even recognized by our government, but we cannot allow the Principles of the Free Market to be forgotten!

What can we do?

It is possible to change the course of America and the world, in upcoming local and national elections, and we should try!

We must also build The Free Market Monument.

The Free Market Monument Foundation was created not only to build a monument documenting and preserving free market principles. Free Market Principles must be practiced every day, understood and respected by businessmen and our political leaders, taught in schools, understood by our teachers and our news media. The first step to understanding is exposure and discussion.

What, precisely, are Free Market Principles? After consulting many varying viewpoints on Free Market Principles we present our suggested consensus compilation:
The Principles of the Free Market.