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"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

-- George Santayana (1863 - 1952) Spanish-American Philosopher

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Foundation for Economic Education: Aristotle defended private property!

Private Ownership 7/15/18 ahk

Skift: EU Airports Increasingly Turn to Private Investment to Compete With Global Counterparts

Private Ownership 3/7/16 ahk

Canada Free Press: Unconscious Bias is Thought Police

Equal Justice Under Law 3/7/16 ahk

Washington Times Herald: Scalia was a champion of limited government

Limited Government 2/27/16 ahk Subsidiarity: The only way forward

Subsidiarity 2/16/16 ahk

Canadian Cincinnatus: "Stop Connecting" or why the British Empire was so efficient

Subsidiarity 1/23/13 ahk

Caffinated Thoughts: The Lesson of the Reichstag: All it takes to lose a democracy is an "emergency"

Individual Rights & Limited Government 1/12/13 ahk

USA Today: A solution to secession fever -- federalism by Glenn Harlan Reynolds. "Letting localities make their own decisions would stifle silly secession efforts." This is also known as Subsidiarity!

Subsidiarity 11/19/12 ahk

Michigan Capitol Confidential: The Greatest Man You've Never Heard Of: Norman Borlaug, An American Hero An article on liberty and free markets as sound public policy for Michigan.

Spontaneous Order 9/12/12 ahk

Forbes: The Federal Government's War On Medical Innovation By Paul Hsieh. "According to Benjamin Zycher of the Pacific Research Institute, this tax will translate into roughly one million life-years lost annually."

Limited Government 8/8/12 ahk

Houston Chronicle: Cruz's win is a victory for limited government By George F. Will

Limited Government & Subsidiarity 8/2/12 ahk

Voice of America: Romney Praises Poland's Political, Economic Freedom. " U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney praised Poland for embracing free market principles after years under communist rule, calling it a nation 'with an extraordinary future.' "

Free Market Principles 7/31/12 ahk

Investor's Business Daily: Republicans must return to free-market principles By Paul Ryan

Free Market Principles 7/19/12 ahk

Bob Krum: Why conservatives should applaud Obama's decision to ignore the law Hmmm... When there are too many laws to enforce them all, it becomes more tempting and more difficult to detect selective enforcement to punish political enemies. Equal Justice Under Law requires laws simple enough to understand and to enforce.

Limited Government 6/17/12 ahk

All Gov: Indiana now permits deadly force against police officers unlawfully entering private property.

Property Rights & Individual Rights 6/11/12 ahk

USA Today: North Dakota may vote to eliminate Property Taxes.

Limited Government 6/11/12 ahk

The Atlantic: How Property Rights Could Help Save the Environment by Megan McArdle

Property Rights 5/29/12 ahk

SpaceX Dragon: The first privately owned spacecraft docks with the International Space Station!!!
CNN: Historic launch of private rocket heralds new era
The Times of India: SpaceX successfully launches first commercial spacecraft to International Space Station
Universe Today: Dragon Grappled and Berthed for History Making Docking at Station Today - May 25
Policymic: SpaceX Dragon LIVE: Private Spaceship Docks With International Space Station (+ Video)

Spontaneous Order 5/25/12 ahk

Free Market America: New Video Added "If I wanted America to fail..."

Limited Government 4/23/12 ahk

Huffington Post: The Principles of American Democracy by Joel D. Hirst. "Finally, none of these principles would have any value if they were not woven around a nucleus of hard, civil and political rights which, enshrined in the bill of rights, guarantee the individual within American society certain "inalienable rights" -- such as life, liberty, property, speech, assembly, religion, due process, and others."

First Principles 4/2/12 ahk

The Phoenix: The ACA mandate: limited government on trial by Danielle Charette. "Apparently the Constitution protects Free Speech but not free thought. Forget trains and steamships - interstate commerce is now regulating your neurons."

Limited Government 3/29/12 ahk

Christian Post: Arguments on Obamacare by Chuck Colson. "...subsidiarity teaches that a central authority should only take on those tasks that can't be handled at a more local level...So, I think there is a truly biblical argument to be made that health care is best handled at a state and local level."

Subsidiarity 3/27/12 ahk

Forbes: Japan's Fiscal Crisis by Stephen Harner. "That the American experiment was so successful for so long is attributable to American democracy, and, particularly, government, being constitutionally limited, and - until the 20th century - to the limits having been fairly faithfully observed."

Limited Government 3/14/12 ahk

Defining Ideas, a Hoover Institution Journal: Government By 'Expert' by Richard A. Epstein. "The rule of law cannot survive when government conduct is not limited."

Equal Justice Under Law 3/5/12 ahk

Forbes: American Political Economy Is No Different From English Language

Spontaneous Order 2/28/12 ahk

Hot Air: The end of redevelopment in ... California?

Property Rights 2/25/12 ahk

Washington Examiner: In Virginia, battle over eminent domain is not over

Property Rights 2/22/12 ahk

Daily Caller: Are we armed because we're free or are we free because we're armed?

Individual Rights 2/20/12 ahk

The Guardian: Three principles to kickstart UN discussion on the rule of law. "The term rule of law refers to a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the state itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards."

Equal Justice Under Law 1/27/12 ahk

Chicago Now: Whatever Happened To Small In Your Life? ' would be foolish to deny the popular wisdom: "Think globally, act locally." The fancy name for that is: "Subsidiarity." '

Subsidiarity 1/27/12 ahk

Washington Examiner: SOPA shows why we need Limited Government

Limited Government 1/25/12 ahk Addison Homes Earns A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau '...Todd Usher, president of Addison Homes. "Our company is committed to following the Golden Rule, and the BBB's A+ ranking confirms our business philosophy." BBB's standards for accreditation require a company to build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy and embody integrity - all of which are standard operational procedures at Addison Homes. '

The Golden Rule 1/12/12 ahk

Reuters: 'Occupy Wallstreet' an anti-capitalist campaign conceived and implemented by Adbusters. "It came out of these brainstorming sessions we have at Adbusters," Kalle Lasn told Reuters. "The protests began in earnest on September 17, triggered by an Adbusters campaign featuring a provocative poster showing a ballerina dancing atop the famous bronze bull in New York's financial district as a crowd of protesters wearing gas masks approach behind her."

10/13/11 ahk

NY Times: General Electric has successfully tested laser enrichment for two years and is seeking federal permission to build a $1 billion plant that would make reactor fuel by the ton. Plato told us, "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Spontaneous Order 8/22/11 ahk

Pajamas Media: It all comes down to this: Is there an inalienable right to self-defense? If there is, each man has indisputable, inestimable value, value that he may rightly preserve even if the life of another man is forfeit. A man may kill another in lawful self-defense even if the policy preferences of the state would prefer his death. If a right to self-defense actually exists, it is in a very real sense the highest law of the land and all lesser laws must pay it deference. It fundamentally defines the social contract, the nature of the relationship between man and the state. The right to control and defend our own person is, of course, a free market principle!

Individual Rights 8/21/11 ahk

123 Jump: European Union and the European exchanges admonished Asian governments to adhere to free market principles but banned short-selling themselves. Mandating what individuals must or cannot buy or sell, or what prices at which they are permitted to trade is a violation of the individual right of voluntary contractual exchange.

Individual Rights 8/12/11 ahk

Pajamas Media: President Obama promises "massive job-killing taxes" if re-elected. The more it costs to hire individuals, the fewer individuals will be hired. The principle of spontaneous order is less a rule to live by and more a statement of unavoidable fact.

7/11/2011 ahk

Washington Examiner: Free market, not government policies, drives energy boom by Michael Barone

Limited Government 6/8/2011 ahk

REUTERS: China to the US, Forget the Debt Ceiling! CUT SPENDING!!! Is anyone listening to reason in the US government?

Limited Government 6/7/2011 ahk

Is Thorium a cost effective alternative to fossil fuels? Perhaps the free market will be allowed to make that determination.

Spontaneous Order 4/24/2011 ahk

The Belgian Lesson A interesting Case study for the principle of Subsidiarity

Subsidiarity 2/17/2011 ahk

Top 10 Reagan Achievements According to Human Events

2/6/2011 ahk

Reason Foundation:Regulating Genetic Testing to Death

Limited Government 10/12/2010 ahk

The Illinois News-Gazette: "Now More Than Ever: The Case for Limited Government" Richard Epstein addressed a symposium at the University of Illinois

Limited Government 9/29/2010 ahk

American Thinker: The Krauthammer-Rove Axis of Disdain may reveal a fundamental disrespect for free market principles.

9/18/2010 ahk

Arquitos Capital Management: The Hayek Fund, a Portfolio Dedicated to Free-Market Principles

9/16/2010 ahk

Asia Times Online: "The United States is often held out as the world's principal beacon of free-market principles." Martin Hutchinson points out several ways the US has fallen short, not just in recent years.

8/25/2010 ahk

UK Guardian: "China's economy has been growing at almost 10% since it embraced economic reforms and free-market principles."

8/16/2010 ahk

Clarence Thomas, in the US Supreme Court case of McDonald v. Chicago, ruled that the 14th amendment was explicitly designed to extend individual rights protected by the constitution to the states, such as the right to self defense. The southern states would otherwise have had the authority to deny the individual right to keep and bear arms to freed slaves and their descendants.

Individual Rights 7/9/2010 ahk

UK Telegraph: Prepare for Massive Printing of Money by the Federal Reserve

6/27/2010 ahk

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Financial Reform or Financial Dementia? by Richard W. Fisher. Mr. Fisher provides a stark voice of reason about the ongoing financial crisis. Free Market Principles are not being followed. Instead, our federal regulators are following policies that even the CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard W. Fisher, thinks may be demented.

6/3/2010 ahk

Real Clear Politics: Will Free Markets Give Way to State Capitalism? by Gregory Scoblete. The suggestion that various national governments are in the process of taking over the free market "to reap the benefits of capitalist enterprise while maintaining a vice-grip on political freedom" may be accurate. This would effectively take the "free" out of the free market.

5/30/2010 ahk

The Street: Farewell Free Market. Ian Bremmer, author of The End Of The Free Market, says the rise of China and the inability of the United States and Europe to support the free market will cause a global slowdown.

5/28/2010 ahk

Huffington Post: "Regulation doesn't work." by Bob Franken. When he says that free markets are "free-to-cheat-and-harm and-do-whatever-the-hell-they-want", he is clearly confusing free markets with anarchy, but it is the Huffington Post. Individual rights and The Golden Rule are core principles of the free market by most accepted definitions. Limited Government would be more effective at securing individual rights if that was it's sole function.

5/28/2010 ahk

United Press International: Sarah Palin sings praises of the free market in Las Vegas

5/24/2010 ahk

Washington Post: America's new culture war: Free enterprise vs. government control By Arthur C. Brooks

5/23/2010 ahk

The Aspen Times: Barack Obama has awakened a sleeping nation by Gary Hubbell

2/28/2010 ahk

WikiAnswers: What are the basic principles of the free market? by the Free Market Monument Foundation

2/16/2010 ahk

Pajamas Media: Free Markets vs. Rationing by Paul Hsieh.

9/1/2009 ahk

Pajamas Media: Guy Sorman releases a new book: Economics Does Not Lie: A Defense of the Free Market in a Time of Crisis, an interview with the author.

7/25/2009 ahk

Reuters: U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tells China it's investments in the dollar are 'very safe', which drew loud laughter.

6/1/2009 ahk

Russia's Pravda: American capitalism vanishing with 'breath taking speed'

4/27/2009 ahk

AFP: Bush says we sacrificed free-market principles to save 'the free-market system'.

12/16/2008 ahk

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