The Free Market Monument Foundation

"Nobody spends somebody else's money as carefully as he spends his own. Nobody uses somebody else's resources as carefully as he uses his own. So if you want efficiency and effectiveness, if you want knowledge to be properly utilized, you have to do it through the means of private property. "

-- Milton Friedman (1912 - 2006) American Nobel Laureate economist

Logo Image

The Logo for the Free Market Monument Foundation includes the legendary "shining city on a hill". The three buildings visible in the city include Independence Hall representing our best efforts to implement the Principles of the Free Market, The Cairo Museum representing the knowledge of antiquity and The Hong Kong stock exchange representing free market principles in action today.

John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan spoke of the United States as that shining city. We believe anywhere in the world where free market principles are respected and practiced is like the shining city on the hill. Every community, civilization and government that follows free market principles is a shining beacon to the world showing them the prosperity and justice that the free market can bring to mankind.


Our letterhead image. The Free Market Monument standing beneath the shining city on a hill, where free market principles are practiced.

The Monument

The Free Market Monument will be big enough to see for miles.

A Belgian Monument to Capitalism

La facade de la monument de la capitalisme. A Belgian monument to capitalism?

Philadelphia Merchants Exchange

The Merchants’ Exchange Building in Philadelphia, A monument to capitalism?

A MONUMENT TO THE IDEA OF A FREE MARKET ECONOMY It's an artwork, or proposed artwork, by Patrik Aarnivaara in Malmoe, Sweden.
The Idea of a Free Market Economy

The Dubai Tower

The Dubai Tower a monument to free markets? Not Really, though many have called it a monument to capitalism, free enterprise or free markets. Free markets start with free people.

There were other buildings often called a Monument to Capitalism. We will not post images of those buildings here, but the Free Market Monument is not intended to be a monument to capitalism.

Capitalism and free market economics are often used synonymously in the United States, but this is not correct. Ronald Reagan recognized that: "All systems are capitalist. It's just a matter of who owns and controls the capital -- ancient king, dictator, or private individual."

The Free Market Monument honors free market principles which have historically made American capitalism so successful, unlike economic systems where government controls the capital.

Ronald Reagan also said, adherence to free market principles will produce "a free market system where individuals have the right to live like kings if they have the ability".